Plossa Press & Soothe Aromatics is a versatile product that allows you the benefit of reflexology including relieving headache and cold symptoms, as well as ensuring relaxation, and stimulating a refreshing sensation.

In need of massage when the muscles are sore but it is too troublesome looking for a convenient and hygienic product. In need of kerokan every time you are catching cold but it is hard to find a hygienic coin and oil at the same time. Frequently using roll on when suffering from headache but the liquid is often spilled. Having a hard time finding inhaler when your nose is blocked. These four tools are combined into a convenient, modern, and efficient tool. Convenient because it is easy to bring everywhere, modern because it no longer uses traditional tool (coin), and efficient because it is budget friendly, and you need only 1 tool for 4 purposes.

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Press & Soothe Aromatic

Press & Soothe Aromatic available in 3 variants: